Frodo support


This C64 emulator is based on Frodo by Christian Bauer (

Loading game

  • Download .D64 ‘s ( into computer
  • Start Frodo Windows Store app
  • Open “AppBar” by flicking bottom of screen to bring up controls
  • Click “Mount disk”
  • Select .D64 file from downloaded location
  • Tap at top 1/10 of screen to bring up virtual keyboard
  • Type LOAD “*”,8,1
  • Wait until game loads
  • Type RUN

Games can be played with on screen touch controls, or using cursor keys (eg. with Surface Keyboard cover, other external keyboard). When using keyboard LEFT CTRL works as joystick FIRE button.


Q: Howto show virtual keyboard
A: Tap at top 1/10 of screen
Q: Ultima does not load
A: Enable 1541 processor level emulation in config panel
Q: Weee, my game doesn’t work after “RESTORE STATE”
A: Remount the .D64 file after “RESTORE STATE”

Future plans

  • Improved joystick (draggable)
  • Improved keyboard, now only good for gaming, e.g special characters does not work
  • Ultima joystick 🙂
  • Sounds are a bit choppy, needs work to synchronize samples


If you’re planning one star rating, please let me also know of bug/problem 🙂 At the moment I’ve only Surface Pro to test, and would be nice to know, how app performs on other devices (especially lowend Windows RT ones).

Release history

26/Apr/2014 (v1.0.67)

  • Switching to old SID renderer

21/Apr/2014 (v1.0.66)

  • More accurate audio and emulator timing.
  • Audio were skipping some samples.
  • CPU emulation speed was slower than actual.


  • Windows 8.1 x86 and ARM binaries
  • Ultima cursor keys (use external keyboards cursor keys to move character)
  • 1541 processor level emulation
  • 1541 leds
  • Save and restore computers LAST state
  • Emulation speed control
  • Fire button is a bit bigger 🙂


  • Temporarly removed x86 binary from Store

12/March/2013 (

  • Binary for x86 architecture
  • Keyboard joystick (CTRL + cursor keys)
  • Better support for native keyboard

3/March/2013 (Initial release)

Known issues


  • Looks like fire button is over sized in dual screen desktop computers.