8086TinyRT support


This app is 8086 CPU emulator. It can be used, for example, to run old classic games for 8086.

Emulator is straight port of Jaybert Software’s 8086 Tiny Plus emulator, which is based on famous 8086tiny emulator written by Adrian Cable. Emulator uses David Ludwig’s SDL port for Windows Runtime as graphics backend.

App has tested with very low spec Dell XPS 10 Windows ARM/RT tablet with acceptable performance.


  • MCGA graphics
  • PC speaker sound
  • CPU speed control
  • Floppy disk swapping.

Loading AlleyCat game

Download http://jaybertsoftware.weebly.com/uploads/3/0/2/1/30218655/8086tiny_plus_1_34_win32_sdl.zip from Jaybert Software’s site or my dropbox. We’ll only use disk and bios images from it.

  • Uncompress zip file
  • Rename uncompressed “bios_cga” file (in bios folder) to “bios_cga.img” (or “bios_cga.ima”)
  • Start 8086TinyRT application on Windows 8.1 Desktop or Tablet
  • Open “Configuration” menu -> “Set FD image” and select “fd.img” file from folder where zip file were uncompressed.
  • Open “Configuration” menu -> “Set BIOS image” and select “bios_cga.img” file from folder where zip file were uncompressed and renamed.
  • Open “Emulation” menu -> “Reset (boot from FD)”
  • Wait until FreeDOS boots up. (until “A:\” arrives)
  • type “alleycat”
  • Enjoy 🙂

Graphics can be scaled up, by clicking “Configuration” -> “Scale up”.

Q: How to get the mouse pointer back?
A: Press F12
Q: What is that cryptic “Use old image with same name?” dialog, when disk image file is selected?
A: Due restrictions in Windows Runtime platform, each time disk image is selected from “Configuration” menu, selected image file is then copied to applications local data folder. In case you want to use previous existing disk image file (with same name in applications local folder), select “Yes” to prompt. This is usefull feature, for example, if you have hard disk image, and want keep using it.
Q: Set FD / HDD / BIOS file selector dialog does not show my image file?
A: Only .IMA and .IMG file extensions are supported

Additional support

There is a dedicated thread in XDA-developers now: http://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-8-rt/rt-development/8086tiny-emulator-windows-runtime-t303395